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Drug news: MarketScope's review of dry eye drugs in clinical trials

The August 12 issue of Dave Harmon's MarketScopes Ophthalmic Market Perspectives has a listing of dry eye products in FDA approval process as follows:

Alcon/Lantibio's VISMED (HA drop)- turned down by FDA in June, recommended additional Phase III trial. VisMed is on the market in Europe.

Alcon's VEXOL (non steroidal anti-inflammatory) - completed Phase II trial

ArGentis' ARG101/102 (testosterone topical cream) - completed Phase II trial

Inspire's PROLACRIA (secretagogue) - in Phase III (again)

Lantibio's MOLI1901 (secretagogue) - in Phase III

Sirion's ST609 (cyclosporine 0.1%) - in Phase III

Novagali's CYCLOKAT (cyclosporine with cationic emulsion) - completed Phase II trial

Novagali's CATIONORM (lubricating emulsion) - in Phase III

Ista's XIBROM (low dose steroid) - Phase IIB trial completed

Ista's Ecabet Sodium (secretagogue) - Phase II trial completed

EyeGate's EGP-437 (iontophoresis with dexamethasone) - Phase II trial completed

Otsuka/Acucela's Rebamipide (secretagogue) - in Phase III
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