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Abstract: Monkeying around with Restasis

Restasis(R) for the treatment of 'dry eye' in Aotus nancymaae.
J Med Primatol. 2009 Jul 8. [Epub ahead of print]
Schuler AM, Tustin GT, Abee CR, Scammell JG.
Department of Comparative Medicine, University of South Alabama, AL, USA.

This case report describes the treatment of three male owl monkeys (Aotus nancymaae) diagnosed with chronic dry eye with a topical cyclosporine product, Restasis((R)), approved for use in humans. These owl monkeys had ocular disease resulting from procedures performed at a biotechnology company. They were moved to the Center for Neotropical Primate Research and Resources at University of South Alabama to be incorporated into the breeding colony. Materials and methods Schirmer tear testing was performed initially and during the course of treatment to monitor efficacy of twice daily administered Restasis((R)). The goals of treatment were to reduce pain and/or distress and if possible to quantitatively increase tear production. Results and discussion All animals had improvements in conjunctival inflammation and had an increase in tear production.