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Dr. Toyos' and IPL

Ran across this newsblurb on Memphis local TV...

Dry Eye

Research has shown that about 10 percent of the adult population suffer from dry eye. Up until this point patients could only find relief by using drops and other medications which only help with some of the symptoms. Most dry eye is due to poorly functioning tear glands. A Memphis ophthalmologist, Dr. Rolando Toyos, has discovered a new treatment for dry eye utilizing a breakthrough technology called Intense Pulse Light. Dr. Toyos received a research grant 6 years ago to study this procedure and now has successfully treated over 1000 dry eye sufferers here in Memphis and in Beverly Hills, California. Patients have come from all over the world to receive this treatment. And Dr. Toyos has lectured here and internationally on the procedure. Just last month he presented his research in Rome at the Italian Ophthalmology Society Meeting.

There have been several discussions about IPL (intense pulsed light treatment) on Dry Eye Talk lately... here's one such thread: IPL with Dr. Toyos