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Newsblurb (UK): Ophthalmologists unaware of preservative-free glaucoma drugs

Glaucoma Survey: Half Unaware of Preservative-Free Beta-Blocker, Ophthalmologists Cite Benefits of Preservative-Free Medications on Ocular Comfort and Quality of Life
April 6, 2009 - EarthTimes

In a recent survey of ophthalmologists across the nation, virtually all (97%) believe preservative-free glaucoma medications can enhance the ocular comfort of glaucoma patients....

...nearly half (47%) do not know a preservative-free beta-blocker is available....

...Six out of ten of the ophthalmologists (60%) would prefer to prescribe glaucoma medications with no preservatives at all for their glaucoma patients with ocular surface disease or dry eye syndrome, compared to glaucoma medications preserved with BAK (3%) or non-BAK preservatives (36%).