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Drug/device news: Lacrisert study

I'm afraid I'm very late posting this - it was from just before ARVO so the "will presents" have already happened.

It's very interesting however - the first fullblown study on Lacriserts in many years. Feel free to post comments here if you are a Lacriserts user.

Results from a large (n = 520) multi-center patient registry study of Lacrisert® (hydroxypropyl cellulose ophthalmic insert) will be presented during the upcoming ARVO Meeting and later in the month at AOS. Lacrisert is a preservative-free, once-daily, sustained release prescription insert indicated for moderate to severe dry eye, that helps to retain moisture, stabilize the tear film, and lubricate the eye. This is the first major study of Lacrisert to be undertaken in more than two decades.

Highlights of the study include:

- After 4 weeks of treatment with the Lacrisertophthalmic insert, mean ocular surface disease index (OSDI) scores significantly improved by more than 21%, from a mean of 42 to a mean of 33.

- Treatment with Lacrisert resulted in significant improvement in quality of life measures and reduction of dry eye signs and symptoms.

- 70% of a subset of 30 contact lens patients in the registry study experienced improvement of dry eye symptoms, and 53% experienced an improvement in dry eye signs, including significant improvements in dryness and grittiness, an increase in TFBUT and a decrease in mean corneal/conjunctival staining.

- Lacrisert was longer lasting 93% of the time when compared to rewetting solutions.
The results of the study suggest that the insert can meaningfully improve ocular health and quality of life for dry eye sufferers, including contact lens wearers, in a relatively short time.

Bruce H. Koffler, M.D., will present data from the study in a poster at ARVO, “LACRISERT® (hydroxypropyl cellulose ophthalmic insert) Significantly Improves Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome and Patient Quality of Life” (Bruce H. Koffler for the LAC-07-01 Study Group, poster 4660/D904, Wednesday, May 6, 1:45-3:30 PM).

Ophthalmic Research Associates (ORA) will also present a poster at ARVO, and Dr. Marguerite McDonald, will present additional data from the study at AOS.
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