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Dear sports optical manufacturers...

I know, I know, this is a hard time to be coming up with new products, and the dry eye market is a tiny niche amongst all your sports-driven customers.

But just as we, the chronic dry eye crowd, had gotten to know you really well and had come to be dependent on your fine 'moisture chamber' products, now we find the options narrowing ever more.

Wiley-X have discontinued two of their 'climate control' models and are down to 5. Of which... I've really only had luck with 2 (AirRage for small faces and Airborne for anyone) for the dry eye crowd.

Panoptx/7Eye changed the surface of their eyecups to something different than the original excellent foam, and gradually discontinued 2 of the 3 models which historically worked so well for the predominantly female dry eye crowd - Viento and Solano (oh, and Cyclone... which incidentally in the wake of Onion Goggle popularity would have been a great seller just about now because of the similar versatile shape). The only one of the original lineup that seems to fit women decently is the Churada - but with the new surface.

SIGH! When is someone going to step up and bring us some more good quality moisture chamber sunglasses FOR WOMEN?

Just wondering :-)