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Business news: Inspire stops co-promoting Restasis

Inspire Withdraws From Allergan’s Restasis Effort
Bnet Pharma, 1/8/2009

Inspire has stopped co-promoting Restasis, the dry-eye drug launched by Allergan, according to the Triangle Business Journal. Inspire will still receive royalties on the drug at the same rate as before, but only as long as Allergan and Inspire continue work on a new dry-eye drug, Prolacria. That drug is currently stalled — it’s been turned down by the FDA twice and is now in its third attempt to get approval.

Inspire’s SEC filing says that if the Prolacria joint-venture goes belly up, Inspire will regain the right to co-promote Restasis as long as it provides Allergan with 20 percent of Allergan’s sales force.