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Abstract: Cepan for demodex??

Thought a few of you would perk up your ears at this. I'd never heard of it, at least that I recall.

[Efficiency and application safety of Cepan cream. Observation of a new indication]
Przegl Lek. 2008;65(5):241-3
Stozkowska W, Raczyńska K

Cepan Cream has been applied in therapeutics for 20 years. This drug is used for topical treatment of burn scars and keloids as well as post-operative scars and contractures. Cepan produces a multidirectional effect. Cepan is well tolerated. Pharmacological property analysis of active ingredients, results of physical, biochemical studies and clinical estimation indicate that the evaluated preparation is both effective and safe. Lately, new information on Cepan effectiveness in eyelids inflammation caused by parasite Demodex folliculorum has been particulary interesting.