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New product: Tranquileyes "stye care kit"

"Stye care kit" a/k/a single-eye Tranquileyes....

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What it is

This is Eye Eco's latest twist on the Tranquileyes theme. Here's what the kit consists of:
- One Tranquileyes eyecup
- Eye cushion and moisture pad (unlined type)
- Two Thermoeyes heat inserts
- Simple elastic band to hold eyecup on
- Mesh washbag for the moisture pad

How it's used

First, if you're new to Tranquileyes and Thermoeyes, I suggest you read up on both first.

The new twist here is using the thermoeyes on top of the moisture pad rather than underneath, so as to apply heat directly to the eyelid. Of course, some few of you are already doing this, with or without the goggle, because it's the only non-microwave, multi-use heat device available and suitable (so far as I know... let me know if there's any hidden gems out there I haven't heard of).

This was packaged specifically with styes in mind BUT I think there will be a variety of applications for them. Here are a few suggestions just off the top of my head:

Stye treatment (that's what the directions in the kit are for): Use the heat insert on top of the moisture pad. Since it has the regular (thick) moisture pad instead of a thermopad, this will put more pressure on the lid and hold the heat right where you want it.

Meibomian gland dysfunction, one eye at a time: What this single-eye kit will allow you to do is multitask... do heat on one eye while you're using the other eye.

Daytime rejuvenation, one eye at a time: Do your eyes get more and more painful as the day progresses? For a lot of people, giving your eyes a 20-30 minute break at some point during the day can make a huge difference - set the clock back, so to speak - and many use the tranquileyes goggle for that purpose. But not everybody can afford that much "downtime". If you're in an environment where you don't mind being seen with this, it would allow you to give one eye a moisturizing break while you continue working or doing other things. Then just switch eyes....

Night protection for a single eye. Now mind, I have not tried this myself so I cannot attest to how well it will stay on if you're tossing and turning. Usually if people only need to treat a single eye, I suggest that they get the full goggle and (if they want) remove the moisture pad from one side. But this is another alternative, and may be attractive especially for those who do not want to wake up "blind" in the middle of the night.

I'd love to have feedback on this and if you come up with other uses for it please let me know so I can share it with others here!