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Drug news: Argentis update

Meanwhile, Argentis is trucking right along with its hormonal treatments, hoping to get their Phase II clinical trial complete next year. (Don't get too excited yet... target market entry date is 2013. But some of you might be interested in participating in their Phase III trials when those get going, and that's probably just a year and a half off.

Momentum revs up for arGentis
Pharmaceutical firm in fast lane for clinical trials

arGentis Pharmaceuticals LLC is gaining momentum to get its first two therapies to the marketplace with a $10 million-$12 million capital campaign, new paths for clinical trials and a renowned business accelerator firm to help it find a drug development partner.

The Memphis pharmaceutical company is now negotiating with a clinical research organization to begin a Phase II trial of its dry eye therapy. That trial would take six weeks and company officials are hoping to conclude it in 2009. It would be followed by a lengthier Phase III trial. The therapy is projected to hit the market in 2013.