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Abstract: Epithelial-immune cell interaction in dry eye

Should be an interesting read for the docs that can access the full article....

Epithelial-immune cell interaction in dry eye.
Cornea. 2008 Sep;27 Suppl 1:S9-11.
Pflugfelder SC, de Paiva CS, Li DQ, Stern ME.

Dry eye is a potent stimulus of both innate and adaptive immune systems. At the nexus of the dry eye inflammatory/immune response is the dynamic interplay between the ocular surface epithelia and the bone marrow-derived immune cells. On the one hand, ocular surface epithelial cells play a key initiating role in this inflammatory reaction. On the other hand, they are targets of cytokines produced by activated T cells that are recruited to the ocular surface in response to dry eye. This interaction between epithelial and immune cells in dry eye will be thoroughly reviewed.