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Abstract: Dry eye and cataract surgery

Good points... enough that I'll forgive the poor translation even.

[Not to ignore the dry eye of cataract patients after surgery]
Zhonghua Yan Ke Za Zhi. 2008 Apr;44(4):291-2.

Sun XG, Shi YY, Zhang C.

Dry eye syndrome following cataract surgery was concerned about recently. Two kinds of dry eye were clinically observed after cataract surgery, early dry eye and chronic dry eye. Most cases of early dry eye, who usually had the normal lacrimal secretion before surgery, were reversible and involved in some of factors associated with surgery and post-surgery medication. But most cases of chronic dry eye, who have abnormal lacrimal secretion or "borderline state" of lacrimal secretion test before surgery, may suffer from the ocular surface diseases related to irreversible dry eye disease. It is significantly important for maintaining of the ocular surface stability and recovery of vision acuity after cataract surgery to do early diagnose and promptly manage the dry eye syndrome.
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