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Product reviews in The Dry Eye Shop

Those of you familiar with the Dry Eye Shop know we have extensive Q&A sections on most products (or product categories) as well as a huge helpdesk with a searchable Q&A archive.

However, I never bothered to activate product reviews... partly because there is so much detailed product discussion over on Dry Eye Talk, and partly because of personal bias. I always figure that review sections on internet stores are so heavily edited they might as well be testimonials written by a marketer. And as time went on, it seemed self-defeating to suddenly switch on reviews because if the shop has been around for a long time and there are no reviews, it looks like nobody cared enough to post any.

Today I finally decided to take the plunge and turn on product reviews. I am hoping a lot of our longtime customers will take the time to post their experiences with at least one product they have tried from our shop. It is my hope that this will turn into another major information-sharing resource (in addition to Dry Eye Talk) - a place where people will share not just "I like this" or "I hated that" but specifically what about each product they liked or didn't, how and why certain products helped them, and also share their practical tips & tricks for making the most of each product.

So if you've ever purchased something in The Dry Eye Shop... please, please, do me a huge favor and take a few moments to write about your experience with it. Here's the quickest way:

1. Go to

2. Type the product name in the little search box up towards the top right, and click on the product when it comes up.

3. Scroll way down below Customer Questions to the Customer Reviews section and click on "Submit a Review". Please read the directions so as to make the reviews as helpful as possible to others.

Many many thanks in advance to everyone who helps out with this!!