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Seems like the blog has slimmed down into simply Medline searches and summaries... boring for you and me both! I'll see what I can do to spice things up a bit.

First, a shameless plug for my business. If you get my weekly bulletins you probably are aware of all these things but for those of you who don't like email spam, here's some of the most recent updates to the Shop:

Tranquileyes Economy Buster Prepack ($35)
This is a limited-time offer from Eye Eco... for $35, a moisture goggle and 6 pairs of replacement foam. The catch? The foam is less fancy and less durable than the standard foam, but it still works fine and is comfortable, and it makes this pack the best Tranquileyes deal going, for those who want to try out this night protection system at a lower price than the usual $49 or $65 kits.

New 7Eye BALI
Excellent new frame from 7Eye... very nice fit and styling.

New Wiley-X Products
Wiley-X has two new sunglasses frames in their Climate-Control foam-lined series, the Airborne and the Jake. I like the Airborne especially, in the rootbeer color... very nice. Like the others, the baseline lens is $80, light-adjusting is $135 and polarized is $130.
Also, we now have the spare eyecups available for all 7 Wiley-X models, for $15.

Scleral contact lens cases ($12.50)
Specially designed for Boston Foundation for Sight. Suitable for all scleral lenses.

Scleral contact lens case/kit ($19.34)
A scleral lens case, an inserter, a remover, and a padded soft carrying case that fits all these plus your lubricating drops. 15% discount off the price of these items purchased separately.

7Eye SPF100 Brochure
Wiley-X Climate Control Brochure
If you want to learn more about foam-lined eyewear, with some great pix, add brochures to your next DryEyeShop order.

Live chat!

If you are browsing the shop and have a question... check the livechat window (bottom right, under the shopping cart) in case we're online. If not use that same screen to send an email - you never know, we may respond even if it's after hours.