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Another Omega 3 player joins the crowd

Just letting you know there's yet another company trying to cash in on the dry eye omega 3 craze.

Dry Eye Omega Benefits from LifeGuard Health LLC

Fifty bucks for a two-month supply puts it right in the neighborhood of the other proprietary dry eye supplements (most of which run $20 to $30 ish per month). Personally I'll stick with my Barleans oils - I spend $10 or less a month and still get top quality. If I feel like splurging I'll get a couple bottles of the high epa/dha fish oil.

If somebody out there with SEVERE dry eye sees a massive difference from any supplement, please let me know. Oh yes and please make sure you've been taking it for a considerable period, have made no changes whatsoever to your eyecare regimen during that time, and have not experienced any other significant changes such as allergies, new job, etc.

I'm not pooh-poohing Omega 3s. I love them, I think they are vital for general health, and I faithfully stir my cinnamon Barlenas into yoghurt each morning with some berries (yum). But they sure aren't a cureall for dry eye.
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