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Abstract: Systane

Varying the pace, a Romanian infomercial :)

[Assessment of systane in severe dry eye]
Oftalmologia. 2008;52(1):105-10.
[Article in Romanian]

Mocanu C, Bărăscu D, Bîrjovanu F, Mănescu R, Iliuşi F.
Clinica de Oftalmologie Craiova.

The study proposes the evaluation of the Systane effect on people that have severe dry eye sensation, with cornea or conjunctive complications. In order to do this, a study protocol has been adopted which meant comparing the values of lacrimal film break-up time, before and after Systane treatment, comparing cornea and conjunctive staining, comparing the crystalization test before and after treatment, comparing the conjunctival impression before and after treatment, and the general acceptability of Systane. The study results have shown that in severe dry eye cases, Systane increases lacrimal film break-up time by 2-3 seconds than the initial value, as well as considerable reduction in corneanl/conjunctival staining and in conjunctival hyperemia in Sicca keratoconjunctivitis. After treatment, conjunctival impression have shown the proliferation of conjunctival and goblet cells, with normal morphologic aspect of the new-formed cells. In every case, the regenerating effect on epithelia of Systane was obvious, which is determined by the direct action of the HP-guar, forming a protective layer with lubricative effect, helpful to the initiation of tisular repairing processes.
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