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Newsblurb: LASIK & dry eye... Come again???

I take exception to the highlighted paragraph in this , which after stating that serious complications are less than 1%, does not clarify whether "dry eye, glare/halos and double vision" are "serious complications" - if so, then this information contradicts reams of medical literature, but if not, the percentages MUST be stated to avoid creating the impression that dry eye is among the <1% complications rate.

Questions About LASIK: Find Out If It’s Right For You
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(NAPSI)-LASIK, the popular vision correction procedure, was the topic of a recent FDA panel meeting in which its safety and effectiveness were reaffirmed.

Scientific data presented during the meeting showed that 95.4 percent of patients worldwide are satisfied with their results.

“As one of the most studied medical procedures, LASIK is well established and has an exceptional track record,” said Kerry D. Solomon, M.D., a world-renowned ophthalmologist and refractive surgeon at the Storm Eye Institute. “Today’s modern LASIK delivers superior safety and better visual outcomes than ever before.”


Q: Should I be afraid? Does it hurt?

A: LASIK today is fast and virtually painless. But remember, LASIK is surgery. Understanding both the benefits and the risks is important.

Serious complications are less than 1 percent. Complications may include dry eye, glare/halos and double vision, which typically resolve over time, or in some cases can be managed with enhancements or other therapy such as drops to replace the eye’s moisture.

“LASIK changes lives for the better, and with all of today’s advanced technologies, there simply is no better time to have LASIK,” said Dr. Solomon.

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LASIK vision correction is performed on 700,000 people annually and has a 95.4 percent satisfaction rate.