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Newsblurb: Eyelid surgery for ptosis

Another sign, albeit slight, of progress... Lately I've occasionally been seeing snippets in the press connecting cosmetic eyelid surgeries and dry eye. This one also mentions (though it doesn't explain the connection) LASIK.

Droopy Eyelids
Jen Christensen

Droopy eyelids, also called ptosis, is a condition that affects one or both upper eyelids. Patients may experience increased tearing, irritation or difficulty closing the eye(s). Ptosis can also cause problems with vision, especially during reading, leading to headaches, eye fatigue and double vision....

Corrective surgery for ptosis is called blepharoplasty. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimates, last year, more than 240,000 of the procedures were performed in the U.S. The surgery is typically done for cosmetic reasons to balance the look of the eyelids or rejuvenate the face. But it can also be used to correct droopy eyelids that cause vision problems for the patient....

[Dr. Wulc] recommends a consultation with an ophthalmologist to reduce risk of potential complications, like dry eye. Patients who have had LASIK surgery should wait at least six months before having eyelid surgery. Conversely, patients who have had eyelid surgery should wait at least six months before having LASIK.