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Journal: Foreign body sensation

I woke up in the middle of the night convinced a bug had walked onto my eye.

Talk about foreign body sensation.

I couldn't feel it - not with my fingers, I mean - and I was so sleepy nothing could have dragged me out of bed to look in a mirror. Nevertheless, this idea of a bug on my cornea was on my brain the instant I woke up and I couldn't shake it. And I'm not talking spider - probably never would have felt something like that - I mean something with a nice hard scaly body that can really scratch.

My cornea hurt like heck. My drops weren't in their usual place by my bed. So, I just rubbed my eye a bit and tried to go back to sleep.

It's my left eye, normally the good one of the two. True, I wasn't wearing my usual moisture goggle or even a sleep mask. In fact I was so worn out I don't think I even put drops in last night. But I don't recall ever having any very memorable spontaneous abrasion in that eye, at least not in recent years. When I get into any serious trouble at night it's always my right eye that gets the worst of it.

When I finally got up, sure enough, the eye was a nice shade of pink and had lots of mucous strands as though it had been trying to push something out. I hunted around and couldn't find any sign of something in my eye, so if there ever was something there, I guess it got away. It's been awhile since I had that strong an FBS right in the middle of my cornea. I've been back to the mirror several times to see if I could find anything, you know, like a tiny little leg or something. Nope, nothing. I've been pouring in the Dwelle, and the pain's starting to go down at least. And the way I noticed that is about the time I started becoming aware of how much my right eye hurts. Nothing like one kind of pain out-shouting another.

Teacher, I need a blackboard to go write on...

I will take care of my eyes before bed.
I will take care of my eyes before bed.
I will take care of my eyes before bed.