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Abstract: Dry eye after cataract surgery

This is nothing more than a blurb... But there is so little out there on dry eye after cataract in mainstream peer reviewed journals that I'll take anything I can get. I would love to see the raw data to get any idea of the correlations between incision size, topical meds and severity/persistence of dry eye after surgery. (Any MD, or co-managing ODs out there that happen to have collected data to share?)

[Clinical correlations between dry eye and cataract surgery][Article in Romanian]
Nistor MC, Nistor C.
Oftalmologia. 2007;51(4):79-82.

Cataract procedure is sometimes followed by dry eye symptoms. The dimensions of the incisions, topical medication and other manoeuvres are responsible for these phenomena. I tried to objective them by break-up-time (BUT) and Schirmer test. The favourable outcomes of artificial tears confirm this theory.