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Newsblurb: Dry eye after IOL implants

This the first time I remember seeing dry eye mentioned as a common complaint after IOLs! But as we know, there is simply no free lunch with refractive surgery, period.

I sure would like to know Dr. Gayton's specific recommendations about how to "avoid circulating air". Most people undergoing elective refractive surgery would obviously not be thrilled about exchanging bifocals for moisture chamber glasses. Oh, and while we're "aggressively treating" dry eye after IOLs, how about aggressively treating some of those LASIK and PRK patients with dry eye too?

OSN SuperSite
Aggressive approach needed for patients dissatisfied after IOL implantation
April 30, 2008

Johnny L. Gayton, MD.... also addressed the necessity of aggressively treating the most common complaints of patients postoperatively, namely dry eye, decreased vision due to cystoid macular edema and residual refractive error.

Dr. Gayton encouraged surgeons to recommend artificial tears, nutritional supplements and environmental changes — avoiding tobacco smoke or circulating air — to combat dry eye. He also suggested surface ablation as opposed to LASIK as a way to address residual refractive error after IOL implantation.