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My Omega-3 journal: Omega Swirls

I've been plodding along happily with my lemonade and cinnamon Barleans flaxseed oil in yoghurt, supremely unmotivated to take the next step - trying it straight off the spoon. My fingernails are getting nice and strong, by the way.

But when I called Barleans the other day to place an order, Patti told me all about two new products they have called Omega Swirls. They're kind of a smoothie-type consistency, she said, with natural flavors, and they're having a terrific response to them. I said fine, we'll try them out. Promptly forgot all about it.

So the shipment comes in today and sure enough, there's a bottle of strawberry-banana and a bottle of lemon.

I let Chaidie (my 5-year-old) try the strawberry-banana because I'm not keen on that combination in any context. At first sip, she said Hey this tastes like a milkshake! Then a moment later... she politely suggested we save the rest of her sample for Dad to try.

So we moved on to Lemon Zest. All it took was one sip and she was hooked!

MOM! This is the same stuff my lemon Starbursts are made of. No, I'm serious! It's GOT to be made from the same thing. Tastes just like them!

So I tried it. Yup, that's a fairly strong kind of candy-reminiscent lemon flavor - but then, to take it straight like that, you want it kind of strong.

Now comes the kicker.

I'm looking at the label and it says 730 mg of EPA/DHA per serving and I'm thinking - oh no! it can't be! I thought these were both flaxseed oils!

You mean I just got conned into DRINKING COD LIVER OIL? What is this, a scene from Mary Poppins?

I can't believe it. I think they have a winner.

So I'm looking at the label again. Sweetened with Xylitol. Which I didn't know anything about and had to go look up on Wikipedia. I don't do artificial sweeteners, and this seems OK but if anybody thinks otherwise let me know.

Last but by no means least: Before posting about this, I waited for a - ahem, forgive me - burp, just in case. Pure lemon, no fish. OK.

Well, leave it to Barleans to come up with something like this. I knew there was a reason I like that company.
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