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Drug news: 3rd SCCO dry eye drug for Argentis

Argentis has in-licensed a third hormone-based drug developed at SCCO (ARG103), this time a combination testosterone and progesterone transdermal treatment they are hoping will help a larger number of post-menopausal women than their ARG101.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--arGentis Pharmaceuticals, LLC announced today that the company has licensed a third treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) now designated ARG103. This is a continuance of the licensing partnership arGentis has with the Southern College of Optometry (SCO) and becomes the third prospective therapy for DES that utilizes the transdermal delivery of an active pharmaceutical ingredient to affected glands via application of a cream or gel to the outer, upper and lower eyelids.

Developed by Charles Connor, Ph.D., O.D., FAAO, Professor and Director of Research at SCO, ARG103 incorporates a combination of the hormones testosterone and progesterone. A very high percentage of menopausal women respond to ARG101, a testosterone-based transdermal treatment designed for menopausal women who suffer from DES due to waning androgen levels. By combining progesterone with testosterone in ARG103, a larger number of post-menopausal women may respond to treatment. Dr. Connor stated, “One of the key problems with dry eye is inflammation of the surface of the eye. Progesterone provides extra anti-inflammatory power when added to testosterone for dry eye treatment and may even enhance meibomian gland secretion. This treatment addresses two crucial issues in dry eye patients.”

ARG103 will broaden the reach of arGentis’ transdermal ocular technology, which includes ARG101 for use in menopausal women and ARG102, a progesterone-based formulation that treats DES in younger women and men. The company will target the 40 to 60 million dry eye sufferers in the U.S. and over 100 million people worldwide with the three treatments.

“ARG103 strengthens our business and allows arGentis to offer effective treatment options using the novel transdermal delivery method to a larger patient population,” said Tom Davis, CEO of arGentis Pharmaceuticals. “We are very pleased with the research being conducted by SCO and look forward to ushering these treatments into clinical testing this year.”