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Study: Autologous serum (again). Everybody listening?

This time from Czechoslovakia, but the message is the same and I hope all you MDs who have never tried serum are listening! Next time you have a patient who is still miserable with burning despite all your best efforts, please, consider taking the plunge.

[The application of the autologous serum eye drops results in significant improvement of the conjunctival status in patients with the dry eye syndrome]
Jirsová K, Hrdlicková E, Alfakih A, Juklová K, Filipec M, Faltus V, Veselá V.
Cesk Slov Oftalmol. 2008 Mar;64(2):52-6.

AIM: To detect the changes on the conjunctiva surface before and after the application of the autologous serum (AS) eye drops in patients with dry eye syndrome, using both clinical and laboratory approaches, supplemented with subjective assessing the discomfort status. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The AS eye drops were applied during the period of 3 months in 8 patients with dry eye syndrome (Schirmer test < 5 mm and break-up time < 5 seconds), with the highest (maximum) frequency 8 times a day. The clinical (Schirmer test, break-up time, rose Bengal staining, examination of the tear meniscus, detritus and superficial punctate keratitis) and laboratory examinations (morphological assessment of the conjunctiva, detection of apoptotic cells) were performed at the start and at the end of the 3 months treatment period. Each day, patients reported their ocular status (dryness, discomfort, foreign body sensation, light sensitivity). RESULTS: The AS eye drops application improved significantly the values of the Schirmer test, detritus and superficial punctate keratitis as well. The goblet cells density on the conjunctival surface increased and the number of apoptotic cells decreased. The intensity of unpleasant feelings reported by the patients decreased significantly in all of the assessed categories. CONCLUSION: Because the application of AS eye drops caused the improvement of conjunctival status as well as the decrease of the severity of difficulties reported by the patients, the AS eye drops application should become common therapeutic practice in patients with dry eye syndrome.