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Product news: Three new over-the-counter drops

These are new preservative-free glycerin (0.2%) artificial tears on the market. I keep forgetting to try it before I get my sclerals in so I can’t tell you what it feels like (and I’m so set in my ways with regard to drops that my opinion probably won’t be beneficial anyway) but for the inveterate new drop tryers, check it out. If you click on the “Special Offer” tab you’ll get a $3 off coupon.

Not all eye drops are the same. Oasis TEARS™ is a new type of eye drop with a unique, viscoadaptive formula, optimized to provide longer lasting comfort. Oasis TEARS™ Lubricant Eye Drops:

Provide instant relief of dry eye symptoms
Provide prolonged comfort with fewer applications required
Provide moistening and lubrication of the cornea and other surfaces of the eye
Natural; contain no toxic biopolymers
Preservative-free; eliminates the source of toxic irritation
Offer two treatment options

I gather this is an artificial tears counterpart to Blink contact lens drops. Funny, usually it works the other way, i.e. they start with an artificial tear and then add a contact lens version. Anyway, Blink(R) is described in the press release as a 'new line' of products, so presumably they will have a thicker/thinner one etc.
Here’s a news release about it.

"The introduction of blink(R) Tears lubricating eye drops is our first entree into the dry eye category and marks an important expansion of AMO's complete refractive solution of eye care products," said AMO Chairman and CEO Jim Mazzo. "It will be used to relieve mild to moderate dry eye whether used alone or in conjunction with ophthalmic pharmaceutical therapies."