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Newsblurb: AMO, tears and lasers

Weird. I don't see why a not-very-exciting not-really-new artificial tear forecast to do $12million in sales would even make the news for AMO much less be used to offset concerns about the outlook for refractive equipment. Whatever.

Analysts Look to FDA Lasik Panel Outcome

NEW YORK - Analysts said Monday Advanced Medical Optics Inc. is executing well on its new contact lens and dry eye product offerings, but expressed concern about the outcome of the Food and Drug Administration's panel meeting on Lasik surgery later this month.

Wachovia (nyse: WB - news - people ) Capital Markets LLC analyst Larry Biegelsen said Advanced Medical's launch of its Tecnis multifocal contact lens, Blink Tears dry eye treatment and iFS IntraLase laser upgrade will go a long way toward building investor confidence in the company's ability to execute.

In a note to clients, Biegelsen said Tecnis has the potential to be a significant contributor to the company's growth, given that it is Advanced Medical's initial foray into the largest market for implantable lenses. And with the lack of dry eye treatment options, he thinks his $12 million 2008 sales forecast for Blink Tears may be conservative. Finally, the iFS laser upgrade, which increases safety and precision of the device, will likely help fend off competition.