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Abstract: Use of digital cameras in corneal damage assessment

Documentation of corneal epithelial defects with fluorescein-enhanced digital fundus camera photography.
Dean SJ, Novitskaya ES, Moore TC, Moore JE, Sharma A.
Clin Experiment Ophthalmol. 2008 Mar;36(2):113-8

The advent of digital photography in the ophthalmic setting has provided not only a means of documenting pathology, but with instantaneous results, it is possible to aid clinical diagnosis and management. This study was designed to demonstrate the ability to image corneal epithelial lesions stained with fluorescein, with a digital fundus camera set on fluorescein angiography settings. The contrast of this technique demonstrated both gross and subtle corneal epithelial lesions better than traditional methods. The results obtained demonstrated the high sensitivity and high contrast images this technique can facilitate in every ophthalmic practice equipped with a fundus camera with digital fluorescein angiography capability.