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Study: Contacts and dry eye

(Sound of Rebecca salivating)

I definitely need a reprint of this one, especially coming from one of the leading dry eye researchers. The online blurb is simply too tantalizing. I'll report back when I've gotten and read the whole thing.

Contact lenses and associated anterior segment disorders: dry eye disease, blepharitis, and allergy.
Lemp MA, Bielory L.
Immunol Allergy Clin North Am. 2008 Feb;28(1):105-17.

This article discusses the use of contact lenses in patients suffering from dry eye and ocular allergy. The diagnosis of dry eye is outlined along with the relationship between contact lenses, the tear film, and the ocular surface. A practical approach to the recognition and management of the dry eye patient wishing to wear contact lenses is presented. In addition, a consideration of a careful strategy to identify patients with ocular allergy and manage the use of contact lenses in these patients is developed with an emphasis on the avoidance of complications.