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Rebecca's journal: Update on Barleans

I'm still going strong on Barleans cinnamon flavored flax oil. Every morning... bowl of yoghurt with 2T of this bright yellow stuff stirred into it and topped with berries. And I'm still tickled pink that I've finally got an effective way to trick my husband into getting some Omega 3s into his diet.

We're almost through our first bottle. I'll be temporarily switching to lemon at that point, basically just because I opened a bottle of lemon to see what it was like. It's more subtle than the cinnamon (though the cinnamon is quite gentle too) so even easier to 'hide'. I am toying with the idea of squirting some into a salad. Maybe.

My only other adventure so far: My daughter caught sight of one of the Barleans sample bottles of "Kids DHA" which has pictures of berries all over it. She wanted a taste. Wow, just what I need: a guinea pig! I've been trying to steel myself to try a little oil "straight up" (or "neat" as our over-the-pond members call it) and haven't gotten there yet. What I really want to know, of course, is, does it make your mouth feel all disgusting and oily? and how quick can you get rid of the taste?

So, I put a little bit on a spoon for my enthusiastic, unsuspecting 5-year-old. I figured, if she gags and runs for water, well, heck, there's no way I'M trying it. (Mind, this is one of those weird kids that actually adores whole grain bread, broccoli, lentils, feta cheese and all kinds of essentially unamerican things.)

Her reaction: Blank. "Mom... it really doesn't taste like anything." "Well, what does it feel like in your mouth?" "Nothing. Just nothing." Hallelujah. I took the spoon back and tried a couple of drops. Reaction: Pretty much the same. At least the fear factor's gone. I guess I'm ready to do the salad thing.

Spoonful, no way. Not yet.

Oh by the way, I have the flavored oils in the shop now. Except that I think Cinnamon is sold out, but I'll have more tomorrow. I am sooo glad these guys are based near me.