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Rebecca's journal: Scleral update

Well, time for a quick update on my scleral lenses, or, as I've on occasion heard them rather mockingly referred to, my hubcaps.

As many of you know, I went back to Boston Foundation for Sight in October to tune up my left eye, since the first time around I had not given them anything like enough time to really optimize the vision. I came away ecstatic because the improvement to my left (non-dominant) eye was such that I could then see with both eyes better than I had ever done since my LASIK back in 2001.

My vision continues to be excellent. This is the first winter in 6 years that I've been able to drive at night.

Not that I do a lot of that, especially when I've been neglecting my eyes as I too often do. It's been so long that I just am not in the habit of going out much after dark anyway. But one thing I've enjoyed is every Wednesday night taking my daughter to AWANA (a church program for kids that Chaidie absolutely loves), which meets about half an hour away from our home. Last year my brother and his wife, whose kids attend the same program, were very kind about ferrying her there and back, but it's so nice to be able to get involved myself and not have to worry about transportation. I would say my vision is not trouble-free at night. IF I could remember to refill my lenses before heading out, I think that I'd see much like I reported shortly after the trip to BFS, but I don't, so I compensate by dumping NutraTear on my lenses when I get in the car.

Driving in the dark AND rain is another matter. I always hated that, even back in my glasses and contact lenses days. But at least it doesn't mean I'll get stranded anymore. I can manage, and that makes such a difference to me.

As regards comfort: Doing very well. It's been kind of a rough winter; it was colder and snowier here than usual, and we're currently living in a place with forced air heat. When the heat's on I am noticeably less comfortable in the evenings after a long workday but still plenty manageable, that is, I can just tune it out. I'll occasionally refill the lenses in the evening if I need to.

Other stuff... Funnily enough, after nearly two years in these lenses I recently went through a rough patch of having difficulty getting my right lens in in the morning! I simply could not get it to clear my lid fully and would get really frustrated. I don't know what the explanation is but I suspect that it's lid inflammation that's just not obvious to me in the mirror. Whatever the cause, I've had to go back to basics and instead of just plunking the lenses in by feel, I have to be much more careful in my technique, and make sure my hands and lids are quite dry etc. It's improved a lot in the last few days.

So that's where I'm at. Still very much the BSL happy camper and ever so grateful for this treatment modality, without which I would be unable to work full time, drive, or be pain-free during the day. Go BFS!

As for you non-believing MDs out there, you need to get with the times and learn more about BSLs and which of your most distressed patients might be able to benefit from them. If you want to know what the lenses are like or anything at all about my experience, why I'm wearing sclerals in the first place, etc, don't hesitate to call. 1-877-693-7939 x2 (physicians line).