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Rebecca's journal: On to lemon

Well, my new breakfast routine of yoghurt with cinnamon flavored Barleans flaxseed oil has worked out so well that I thought I would venture to the next level: Lemonade flavor. (I'm not ready for the plain stuff yet, even in yoghurt.)

First, I had to get over my mostly-negative associations with the idea of "lemonade flavor". To me, this conjures up a host of artificially sweetened and colored lemonade products which I've always found abhorrent, even before I knew how bad any of the ingredients were.

So, my first step was a quick look at the label:

INGREDIENTS: Unrefined, unfiltered organic flaxseed oil, all-natural lemonade flavoring.

What, no Yellow Number Five?

So far so good.

Squirt squirt.

Stir stir.

Tentative lick.


Hm, seems fine. In fact, it reminds me that as a kid, when Mom would get those little Lucerne yoghurts on a 10-for-a-dollar sale, I always picked lemon flavor because I couldn't stand plain (this was decades before the revival of GOOD creamy yoghurt) but also disliked the sweet flavors. Haven't had one of those little flavored yoghurts in eons.

I think I'll stick with cinnamon for the present but it's nice to know lemon is an option. And (sigh) I suppose it's my bounden (is that a word?) duty to try the plain stuff one of these days. Stay tuned.