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Newsblurb: Lissamine green

Alright, I've been seeing this creep into the news here and there for the last several weeks so I figured I'd better eventually post about it.

Detecting Dry Eye

...DETECTION: Lissamine green is an eye-drop stain used by ophthalmologists to detect damaged cells on the eye's surface. They turn green under special lighting, helping doctors identify potentially dangerous conditions. Researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas were able to identify three basic patterns produced by the stain that indicate progressively dangerous conditions. The least severe pattern, known as nasal staining, is indicated by stains limited to the whites of the eyes between the lids toward the nose. The second level appears as stains in the white of the eye between the lids, but toward the ear. This pattern is diagnostic of tear deficiency. The third and most severe level occurs when the stain appears on the cornea.