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Study: "Osmoprotection"

Sorry but... my tolerance for hyperosmotalk wore out somewhere in the years of "complete dry eye relief for everyone" marketing which so far as I can tell has not yet completely relieved everyone.

Osmoprotection as a new therapeutic principle
Messmer EM, Ophthalmologe. 2007 Nov;104(11):987-990.

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common disorders encountered in daily ophthalmological practice. New pathophysiological concepts have been developed over the last few years. Hyperosmolarity of the tear film is one of the key pathogenetic factors in the development of a - commonly subclinical - inflammation of the ocular surface, the lacrimal gland and the tear film in dry eye syndrome. Osmoprotective agents act through compatible solutes to prevent - at least in theory -a hyperosmolar tear film from damaging the ocular surface.
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