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Newsblurb: Thank you to a Beverly Hills "opthamalagist"

What a great state of things compared to a year ago: There is now getting to be so much mainstream press coverage of dry eye that I no longer feel obliged to post blurbs about every half-witted press report about dry eyes out of exquisite gratitude to any journalist willing to give such a dull sounding topic the time of day.

But this one caught my eye and the obsessive English major in me (ok, so I did drop out... what's your point?) could not help herself.

No cure for dry eyes, but there are many effective new treatments

She went to see Beverly Hills opthamalagist Dr. Kerry Assil because she wanted Lasik eye surgery. But he told her it would make her dry eye condition even worse.

I thought that on Dry Eye talk I had already seen every possible way to butcher the spelling of this word but...


However, my indignation over their orthography quickly gave way to pleasure at reading that someone was actually told not to get LASIK because of dry eye. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(By the way, I wouldn't exactly describe artificial tears, Restasis, plugs and steroids as "new" treatments, but never mind.)