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Another update on my BSLs (one more entry on a very long list for Thanksgiving this year....)

Well, last Monday I think I pretty much gave my BSLs the acid test, and they passed with flying colors.

First, I stayed up past midnight on Sunday. Had to take out my lenses around 10pm, so my eyes had two whole hours during which to dry out nicely before bed.

Next, I got up at quarter to three, showered, finished packing, and drove 1.5 hours through a wet windstorm to make an early flight. Managed to time the drive just right... on Monday mornings, if you don't make it to SeaTac at just the right time, you're screwed. I'm glad I took the time to print out my boarding pass, and wasn't checking luggage. Even so, within 5 minutes of my joining the 100+ line at security, it had doubled - at least.

Next, 2.5 hour flight to Orange County. Took out my lenses so I could doze.

Later, a 1-hour drive up towards UCLA in an air conditioned rental.

After dinner (i.e. long after sunset), a hasty drive to LAX.

Next, hanging out in another lovely dry fluorescent-lit airport waiting for a delayed inbound aircraft. Then, another 2.5-hour flight, arrival late at night, and last, I drove myself home in the middle of the night, arriving about 24 hours after I'd gotten up.

NOW, all that sounds just like business as usual to any normal business traveler. By my own travel standards of years ago, that's a light day. But for the past 6 years - in wintertime, at least - THIS IS A BIG DEAL for me. I could not have driven myself to the airport at 4 in the morning with or without rain and wind and debris, I could not have driven down a 10 lane LA freeway (that's an awful lot of starburst-and-halo-generating headlights and taillights) freeway after dark, and I most certainly could not have driven myself home in the middle of the night under any circumstances, let alone after spending an entire day in some kind of rigid contact lens.

With my current pair of T6 BSLs, I can do all that. It's amazing, and I am so grateful. Thank you Dr. Rosenthal, and Mark. :-)

Travel tip for road warriors:

I discovered on this trip that Ocusoft lidscrub foam 50mLs are exempt from the liquids restrictions BUT they trigger a search and an interesting conversation with the security folks, so, um, next time if I'm not checking luggage I'll leave them at home....
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