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Eyewear news: Wiley-X, Panoptx & more

Oh my goodness, is it really more than a month since I last blogged?? I am so sorry. Things are just so busy around here. I really will try to be more regular about this though.


A few updates from the world of dry eye eyewear...

1) Next week I'm expecting to meet with Panoptx' sales director to preview their new products coming out at the beginning of 2008. I'm excited about this and looking forward to seeing what's new. I'll post here and on dryeyetalk after I get a looksee.

2) According to a recent press release, Wiley-X is outlicensing their climate control facial cavity technology to Bushnell, who make the Bolle and Serengetti eyewear lines. Meaning, HOPEFULLY, that the same type of seal used on the current Wiley-X Climate Control frames will be incorporated in more eyewear options in the relatively near future, which should be good news for us.

3) No word on timing of the MEGs release yet but fingers crossed that they are coming soon. They won't come before they're wanted, that's for sure.