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Newsclip: Kids and computer vision syndrome

Given the sharp rise in dry eye complaints among children and young adults I was very pleased to see this press release by the American Optometric Association in anticipation of the new school year starting:

Computer Vision Syndrome Threatens Returning Students
August 7 - St. Louis

The American Optometric Association (AOA) today warned that children heading back to school are at risk for developing Computer Vision Syndrome, which leaves them vulnerable to problems like dry eye, eyestrain and fatigue. According to VSP Vision Care, nearly half of U.S. children spend four hours a day or more using computers or other portable electronic devices....

The AOA identified several specific risks to children (in addition to the obvious like the very high number of hours per day the average kid spends glued to a screen of some kind) - including an interesting one about how children often have to look up at a computer screen rather than - as is best - slightly downwards.