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A tearful short story

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The Dacriologist

Carl Djerassi, PhD, father of the birth control pill, developer of antihistamines, developer of environmentally benign pesticides, Stanford teacher of world class chemists, former president of Syntex, novelist, prolific playwright and one of the few Renaissance men in twentieth-century sicence, acknowledged our mutual interest in tear film chemistry by sending me a lovely inscribed gift of one of his books titled The Futurists and Other Stories. One particularly inventive story from this book, The Dacriologist, is perfect beach reading for our ophthalmic and optometric-focused Friday Pearl subscribers.

Dr. Djerassi interviewed Professor Frank Holly, the founder and first president of The International Dacriology Society, as well as the founder of the West Texas Dry Eye Institute while he was researching and writing this short story. We suggest you print it out and take it with you to the beach or to your favorite hammock for provocative summer reading.