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Study: Warm compresses & blurred vision

Taken at face value this study's conclusions fall distinctly under the "duh" category for me. I've used a rice baggy for years. Between the slight pressure from the weight of the rice, and the increased oil in the tear film, I expect temporary vision blurring and that's why I do it at night.

On the other hand, I hear from people now and then who get quite worried when their vision is blurry so it's nice to have a study saying "not to worry - it's just temporary".

My only question about this study is... what form of moist, warm compress lasts 30 minutes??? Not a washcloth, for sure.

Warm Compress Induced Visual Degradation and Fischer-Schweitzer Polygonal Reflex

Optom Vis Sci. 2007 Jul;84(7):580-587.
Solomon JD, Case CL, Greiner JV, Blackie CA, Herman JP, Korb DR.

CONCLUSIONS.: Warm compress application induces transient visual degradation. Although there was no correlation between visual degradation and AR, CT, CCC, LLT, or the presence of striae or corneal edema, visual degradation correlated positively with the polygonal reflex, which was observed following warm compress application.
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