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Study: Relationship between staining, aqueous tear deficiency and MG dropout

Pattern of vital staining and its correlation with aqueous tear deficiency and meibomian gland dropout

Eye Contact Lens. 2007 Jul;33(4):177-9
Uchiyama E, Aronowicz JD, Butovich IA, McCulley JP

Basically just confirming some correlation of staining with Schirmer and gland dropout. Any correlation to be found in dry eye is A Good Thing, but I wish I knew more about this one e.g. Schirmer method employed and MG dropout evaluation specifics.

PURPOSE.: To assess the relationship between the degree and anatomic location of ocular surface vital staining and the degree of aqueous tear deficiency in patients with dry eye, as measured by the Schirmer test, and the presence of meibomian gland dropout....CONCLUSIONS.: The presence of corneal vital staining correlates with a more severe dry eye as shown by the Schirmer test. Patients with dry eye have an increased meibomian gland dropout. The degree and pattern of vital staining correlate with the severity of dry eye.