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Newsclip: Dry eye in El Paso...

Southwest's desert climate contributes to dry eye

Nice to see some more dry eye coverage in the general press... and also nice to hear about another doctor spending a lot of time on dry eye:

"I would get blurry vision and my eyes were puffy," said Pochick, 49. "My eyes hurt all the time, and I couldn't even go out for a walk because the wind would make things worse. I used two to three small vials a day of artificial tears to keep my eyes moist. I was resigned to staying like this."

Then Pochick met the wife of Dr. Bill Davitt III, an expert on dry eye, and she recommended that Pochick see him.

I only wish dry eye relief were as simple for all of us as it sounds like it was for Nina:

"They plugged my eye tear ducts and the pain stopped," Pochick said. "And I use only half the drops I used before to keep my eyes moist."