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Newsclip: UK RCO seeking to improve laser eye surgery standards; dry eye after epi Lasik

Sunday, June 3

Action after soaring complaints spark laser eye surgery fears
The UK is once again seeking to improve standard of care in laser eye surgery as complaints and suits continue to rise.

This article includes the profile of a gentleman suffering from chronic dry eye and recurrent erosions ever since his epi lasik procedure nearly two years ago.

IT specialist Ian Pratt says he has suffered chronic dry eyes and corneal abrasion since undergoing surgery almost two years ago.

Now he sleeps with his eyes taped shut to prevent them from scratching as he wakes every morning. “The company that carried it out mentioned I could suffer from dry eyes afterwards but I was given the impression this would be temporary and certainly not serious.

“Even now, after months of treatment including drops and cream to moisten my eyes, they are still painful.

“My corneas have been scratched because my eyes would dry in my sleep and opening my lids would scrape them as I wakened every morning.

“I now sleep with my eyes taped shut to allow me to insert cream before opening them.”