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Newsclip: More eyewear on the way

Motorcycle glasses improve life for blepharitis patients

Another sign that the optical manufacturers are starting to really wake up to the market potential for dry eye patients.

The most recent incarnations of motorcycle glasses provide excellent wind protection and cater to a very fashion conscious crowd. This has given Blepharitis and Dry Eye patients dozens of choices for their eyewear wardrobe. ADS Sports Eyewear can make these specialized motorcycle glasses into reading glasses, prescription eyewear, or dark polarized lenses for patients that are light sensitive. These new glasses allow these people to look better, see better, and feel better.

Panoptx and Wiley-X are the two manufacturers that produce the best products to serve this medical market. ADS Sports Eyewear is working with the Wiley-X company to produce custom-made foam eye seals for faces that do not fit perfectly into the stock eyewear choices. And a special modification can now be made to the Panoptx frames to accommodate prescriptions as high as minus 12.