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Punctal plug updates

Eyeworld's May issue has a lovely 2-page spread on punctal plugs. Most of it is the "usual suspects", and cheap knockoffs thereof, however, I noticed a few interesting ones I was not previously aware of. (And by the way why aren't SmartPlugs on this list? There have been an awful lot of complications reports, but they remain a popular plug and are mentioned in the article on the previous page.)

Some interesting items...

FCI Perforated plug - I wasn't aware of this one, but for those who want partial occlusion it looks like this is an alternative to the Eaglevision flow controller.

Also by FCI is the "SnugPlug". This is a silicone "one size fits all" plug. Manufacturer's description... "Packaged preloaded ina stretched position for easy insertion; when released from inserter, plug returns to its natural shape for a comfortable and snug fit." Hm. I'll hold off commenting on that till I hear from some patients who have tried it.

For our complete listing of plugs with materials, sizes, shapes etc, see DryEyeZone PLUGS page.