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Newsclip: UK article on Sjogrens

This article in the Daily Mail caught my eye because of the dry eye title:

No tears to shed: The dry eye disease.

....But for Bridget, 52, and the other 500,000 sufferers of Sjogren's syndrome, an auto-immune disease, it can be years before diagnosis is made.

It is the UK's second most common autoimmune rheumatic disease.

But, according to Dr Elizabeth Price, a rheumatologist at the Great Western Hospital, Swindon, and an expert on the syndrome, the average time for diagnosis is ten years.

Dr Price says: "Many sufferers aren't taken seriously by their GPs, and those who are see consultants in a host of specialities, usually with no conclusions drawn, because the symptoms are so diverse...."

Pleased to see coverage for Sjogrens, and dry eye... I hope this can be followed up with more dry eye coverage in the UK press where it surely is needed!