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Newsclip: TFOS workshop report finalized

Marketwire 5/23/07

Dry Eye Defined: International Definition and Classification of Dry Eye Disease Announced

The Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society ("TFOS") presented the findings of the International Workshop on the Definition, Diagnosis and Classification of Dry Eye Disease.

The Dry Eye WorkShop ("DEWS"), sponsored by TFOS, was created to provide an evidence-based critical review and summary of the classification, epidemiology, diagnosis, techniques of basic and clinical research, and management of dry eye disease....

The workshop comprised of 70 experts from 12 countries. This three-year project culminated in a report that represents contemporary understanding and informed conclusions about dry eye disease. "Dry eye disease is a chronic, progressive disease that afflicts approximately 40-60 million people in the United States and 100 million worldwide," noted Dr. Michael A. Lemp.... "Furthermore... in the United States, diagnosis rates are estimated to be less that 20% of the dry eye patient population."