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My dry eyes: Slight change to regimen...

Bleeeech. Getting that feeling again. Some tenderness just above the lash line in the right eye. A sort of characteristic burning under the lids when the Nutratear goes in the left eye if the scleral is there too.

This happens every now and then, and it's always because I've been neglecting my eyes - usually because of neglecting heat. Sometimes I let it get pretty bad before dealing with it, but this time, for once, I'm dealing with it a little sooner.

So, I actually started using my Rice Baggy again. Why it's so easy to let it go I don't know, especially when it feels good, isn't much hassle, and I always know it'll make things worse when I stop.

Anyway, here's what my night routine now looks like:

1. Drop of Dwelle in each eye.

2. Put Tranquileyes goggle right by the bed. (I don't bother with wetting the pads.)

3. Heat up Rice Baggy for about 40 seconds. I still find I have to be very careful not to overheat - with the slipcover, it can be much warmer than it 'feels'.

4. Lie down with Rice Baggy over my eyes, leave it there for about 10-15 minutes then take it off and put the Tranquileyes in its place.

Only problem with this of course is that sometimes I fall asleep with the Rice Baggy on. If it weren't for the fact that it eventually falls off, that wouldn't be a problem, since the baggy keeps the lids completely closed and feels pretty good.