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Newsclip: Dry eye and baby boomers

East Valley Tribute, April 2

Dry eye syndrome a rising problem with baby boomers

Decent general piece about dry eye, covering causes and treatments including drops, Restasis, plugs and cautery, plus a few tidbits of practical advice. It's nice to see a news piece like this where the doctor interviewed doesn't sound like a spokesperson for Allergan.

My only complaint of the article is this statement: "Dry eye also is a common side effect of LASIK eye surgery but usually is temporary." Sure - if 'usually' means 50% or more people and 'temporary' means six months or less. But there's an awful lot of people out there getting LASIK and the sheer numbers with long term dry eye from it are staggering at this point. People need to know before surgery that this is the case.