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Drug update: OPH-01

Press release from Oftalmis Monaco

OPHTALMIS MONACO, the Monaco-based biotech company specialized in ophthalmology, announces the signature of its first letter of intend for a worldwide exploitation and acquisition of an innovative patent.

The flagship product OPH-01 is an innovative concept with patented indications in ophthalmology including most pathologies of the ocular surface:

-- chronic dry eye

-- ocular inflammation

-- ocular allergy

It consists in a new pharmacological approach involving the permeability of the corneal epithelium. OPH-01 will first be developed into preservative-free eye drops to treat moderate to severe chronic dry eye. The first tests performed on rats'eyes are very promising.

The final contract will be signed before summer. A major partnership with another biotech company is under discussion.

Professor Joseph Colin, head of the ophthalmic department in Bordeaux (France), specialist of the corneal surface, is the advisor for the OPH-01 project.

OPHTALMIS MONACO was founded in October 2006. It is a Monaco-based biotechnology company which develops new pharmaceutical products to meet unmet medical needs in ophthalmology.