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Newsclips: June 2006

Dry Eye in the News

Editor's note: We are so pleased to see the increase in general press coverage of dry eye! We don't even begrudge seeing several months of warmed-over articles about the Harvard tuna study and thinly veiled infomercials for 'the only prescription dry eye drug' while we patiently await some good quality in-depth health coverage. It's enough to know that dry eye is finding its way into the news more and more so that people can learn about what it is and how they can get help. And hey, if you're a reporter interested in writing some of that 'good quality in-depth health coverage' about dry eye, we'd love to help, so give us a call.

30 June: Dry Eye Hot Spots

Forbes' coverage of the NWHRA top 100 dry eye hot spots in the USA list. Also covered on our editorial page.

28 June: Texas Tops Nation's Dry-Eye Spots

Ditto from NBC5 in Dallas/Fort Worth, bragging about their state nabbing 4 of the top 5 dry eye rankings.

28 June: Consuming Omega 3s could reduce dry eye in women

What was that we were saying about warmed-over coverage of the Harvard report? No no, that's OK, we really do sincerely applaud the Rock River Times' efforts, truly we do. And Jeff, you've outdone yourself. We got no fewer than 7 pages of Google hits on 'tuna and gilbard and dry eye'.

23 June: Clinical Trial Targets Cure for Dry Eyes

NBC5 again. Coverage of Dr. McCulley's (UTSW) clinical trial on benefits of Omega 3s for dry eye.

22 June: Some treatment for dry eye and mouth

UPI. About as inspired and informative as the title.

20 June: The Drug CF101 Is Not Metabolized in the Liver and Can Be Used as Potential Therapy for Liver Related Conditions

Genetic Engineering News. Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd is planning another clinical trial of CF101 as a treatment for dry eye symptoms.

12 June: PDA Users Reporting Eye Strain Problems

NBC10. Well, duh, did you really think reading a 2" screen would be easier than reading a 20" monitor? But the article at least has the merit of pointing out that staring at a screen causes dry eye symptoms.

1 June: Tear production

From WSOC-TV. Wow - the introductory paragraphs are really quite a respectable overview of dry eye! Nice going. And we luuuv reports that don't just focus on drugs but get to the practical quality-of-life aids like eyewear, humidifiers and so on. The rest of the article is about saliva gland transplants as a dry eye treatment.